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I think there is a bug in editing scores for someone who has a lot of recordings for a certain game. "Cool" hugo submited a ton of recordings for the game dankuga all of which were recorded with nvram. So My normal process is to edit the recordings

350k -> 0 (edit the description saying nvram was required.

But then Hugo uploaded another score 450k, so i tryed to replay it and was only able to replay it WITH an nvram file.

there fore i edited it from

450k -> 0 (edited the desc savying nvram stuff)

But then i looked at the dankuga recordigns and there was a Hugo recording for 320k for dankuga still there, therefore i went though the process of checking the recordings that were submited (there were 5 ranging from 320k to 215k)

320k -> -1

310k -> -2

300k -> -3


215k -> -5

Then i look at dankuga again and it shows the old advertised 350k score changed to 0, instead of the newer 450k score i had more recently changed to 0! therefore I went to edit the recording and change the advertised 350k score to -1 to perhaps "reveal" the 0 score i had editied from advertised 450k -> 0 BUT it didn't show up. Then I thought of "delete"ing this score, i tried deleting it and it didn't work!

So therefor i think the 450k recording was lost some how (at least lost via regular marp access)

I used the back button and verified i changed the 450 score to 0, however maybe since there already was a 340k score changed to 0 it went somewhere else?

-- Anonymous, October 05, 2001

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