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Fri 28th September Have now heard from my client and my counsellor. There was an awful lot to take in from my counsellor’s email – too much at once. I have printed it off and will digest it whilst considering how to respond. I have also heard from a client. The email was in a very different style from the one I sent my counsellor, not sure what I expected! I would like to be able to respond in a way that the client finds accessible – mirroring their style – so to allow rapport to be built. Website Logged into the ISMHO website. Thought it looked worth joining. There is a $25 subscription and I got thrown into this PaymentPal website. I started filling it in, but bottled out at the last minute. I didn’t trust sending all my information and credit card number. I guess I have concerns about data protection, and even doubts about their veracity. Just because they are attached to the ISMHO website – does that mean I should trust them? Raises some questions about online counselling – and how clients can be reassured that the person they are communicating with is properly trained and qualified. Monday 1st October 2001. Things are moving on. I am beginning to feel more confident with the campus website. I have made contact with my counsellor and client, and tonight had a web chat in the chat room with my group. It was fun. It made me laugh. Last week it seemed too much, and it seems that others were finding everything very challenging. Not the least, because of error messages within the campus web site.

Wednesday October 3rd I have begun searching websites, and many are the open door to many others. I have looked at a couple of online counselling sites, and they are very interesting. What I want to know is more about encryption, data protection and about setting up my own website. My aim is to feel confident in the development of these three areas by the end of this course

-- Anonymous, October 05, 2001

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