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The question about standard SF house designs spurred me to remember growing up in Westlake, where there was seemingly only one home plan called a "Junior Five" that repeated over and over and over . . .

Are there any on-line historic sites about Westlake and its history? (I've checked the Daly City/Colma heritage site but it's fairly limited right now.)


-- John (jamartini@earthlink.net), October 04, 2001


John, Westlake doesn't have much of a history because it isn't very old. I was born in Daly City in 1920 and when I left there in 1940 to go to sea, Westlake did not exist. That whole area was in truck farms that grew everything from arrtichokes to zuccini. John Daly Drive which goes from Junipero Serra to Slyline Blvd. was completed in 1935 as an extension of Alemany Blvd, and was referred to as the Dip. It was a favorite venue for late night car races. There weren't ten houses within sigh or sound of the road. The area as a residential district came into existance after World War ll.

Check out this website for more information re this and other. http://www.sfchangehappens-books.com/ Bernard C. Winn berncwinn@hotmail.com

-- bernard C. Winn (berncwinn@hotmail.com), November 13, 2001.

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