Bubbles in Barrel?

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I just bought a dirt cheap 135/3.5 FL via mail order. The glass is clear and mark-free; the mechanicals work great. However, there appears to be large, flat, bubbles on the inside of the barrel between the lens elements. Flare is going to be a problem, but I'm not looking for maximum performance from this lens anyway. What the heck is this?

-- Joseph Tomkiewicz (josepht139@aol.com), October 04, 2001



Probably one or more cemented lens elements separating at the edges, I'd guess. The "glue" fails after time and the bubbles begin to appear between the two pieces of glass.

-- Alan Swartz (swartz@tyler.net), October 05, 2001.

I've got bubbles in the center of my old Canon FD 50mm 1.4 lens (circa 1977 or so). The edges seem mostly clear, but 1/4 inch into the center, the bubbles begin. I've been wondering what this could be. Sounds like this might be it.


-- Jen (nobody@four.net), February 01, 2002.

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