did poe sleep with family members?

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i heard that he slept with his mom.

-- Anonymous, October 04, 2001


Rather than rumors check a source. reliable biographies are available. Yes, he might well have slept with his mother since he was a baby when she died. The only known sexual relations of Poe is with his wife Virginia. Other than that we know some major strikeouts. usually we get the also unsubstantiated assumption Poe was asexual, etc. because nothing is easier to guess at than a blank slate. Poe's predilection was to idealize women in poetic ways and as replacements for the mother and family he lost. He was very reticent about intimate details and what he chose to reveal of his strong feelings were channeled into art, especially poems. Even these seem a little reserved or aloof from intimacy and physicality, more affairs of his own mind and spirit.

Some of this is rash judgment on my part and probably will disagree with the above in the morning. Just read a biography. Even a slanted thumbnail should clear up the picture a bit.

-- Anonymous, October 04, 2001

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