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-- test (mjemmeson@hotmail.com), October 04, 2001


does this automatically interpret html?

I wonder

-- Dave225 (adspace@altavista.com), October 04, 2001.

on 1/31/02 5:49 PM, Stan Denski at aetheror@earthlink.net wrote:

Overrated... CA Quintet (NEVER understood the fascination with this one); Music Emporium (Seriously, on the chorus of that Buddhist chant opener try singing "Oh my God we sound like Devo, oh my God we sound like Devo" and then tell me it doesn't fit); the Stone's "Exile On Main Street" touted as the greatest rock record ever is the most unmemorable in-one-ear-and-out-the-other TOTALLY overrated record of all time

I can certainly understand someone not liking C.A. Quintet, but the LP really doesn't sound like anything else from the period and that puts it in a special category. The sleeve goes a long way toward "explaining" the music in the overall presentation. The phased drum solo is both laughable and inspiring. I really think their underrated stuff is the early 45s like "Mickey's Monkey", an oft covered tune but man what a guitar break! I love the Music Emporium dearly, though it seems to turn a lot of folk off. I guess it's that "churchiness" or something. However, I totally agree with you about Exile on Main St. A fine rock record but something like the Flamin' Groovies 'Flamingo' cuts it to shreds...KI

-- (888@roscoe.org), February 01, 2002.

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