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How do we achieve world peace, among the peoples of the planet?

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2001


Before we think about how we achieve world peace, we have to think, is it even possible? If we start today, everybody in the world chooses that we need to achieve world peace, make every country have tolarance for each other. How do we achieve this? We take in all the factors, religion, current evennts, governments, etc. There are many religions and beliefs that contradict other religions and beliefs. Every countries' government is different, everybody has different laws. If we try to achieve this world order, they must somehow be able to tolerate each other, by support their own customs, while supporting everybody elses.

One thing about world peace, is that their is a set standard for everything. In America, our laws show that men and women have the same rights. While in other countries, such as in Africa, women are inferior to the men. The women in this society will most likely fight for woman's rights in Africa, while the men in their culture disaprove of this. Who's standard is correct now? Feminist, and some Americans would say, that we are the right ones, we are correct, while Africans would say, they are right. Who's standard are we taking in? There's no possible way to take both into consideration, and choosing one over the other, would hurt societal order within the world. Who is right? Which standards, which laws do we take in?

World peace is the largest paradox that ever existed, that we deal with. World peace is a great idea, why not achieve it? That's what the populace of the international community would say. :: :: = ideas about world peace (( )) - ideas about how its unachievable

::Okay, let's summon up world peace, let's create this Utopian society. First up, let's get rid of our weapons, so we can trust each other. Who wants to go first?:: ((Nobody. World peace requires trust in everybody. Nobody is willing to give up all their weapons, because we all have a paranoia about everything.))

::What about vanquishing evil? Hey! Let's go for that!, I'm sure everybody can agree on that. Let's get rid of all the evil in the world! Let's get rid of everything that we think are bad to the world.:: ((Hmm..good plan, so what's evil? What's wrong? What hurts world peace? Who are the crazy ones? Who are the great ones? The populace knows what's good, what's wrong with the world. Facist ideas, such as Nazis, they knew what was right, Jews were wrong, they wanted to kill all the Jews, because Jews are bad, Jews are horrible. Who believed him? All the Germans. Let's say, if we limit national peace to German, their values of killing the Jews would have been correct, because the populace said they were right. Now, we take it to the international peace level, killing Jews is not justed anymore. German's won't be satisfied, I guess we just have to get rid of Germany, if we wanted world peace to survive. Now, world peace requires us to get rid of everything that is non-pro world peace.)) Isn't trying to evolve into a utopian, only making us seem more like the Nazis? The harder we achieve world peace, the more we put into it, only contributes to more lost. World peace is like the apple on the tree, a group of kids are trying to step on top of each other, the higher their tower goes, the kids on top are the ones able to savor the apple, while the kids on the bottem are too tired, and don't have enought energy to fight for it. World peace is determined by the countries that are on top, they are the only ones that choose what seems to be good for world peace, while the others suffer. World peace is not being achieved, because more countries fall than rise.))

How can world peace be achieved, if we can't even trust each other, or if it is achieved, it is only beneficial for a limited amount of countries, which isn't world peace either.

-- Anonymous, December 25, 2001

I generally agree with what has been said before me on this thread except for one point: the absolute impossibility of world peace. Though, obviously, this is not meant to be stated as a solution of any kind, theoretically, the only way to achieve true peace is to eliminate any kind of living factors from the world and just let the earth spin its way around the sun. Without anyone to fight, there would be no fights.

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2001

Healing from the tragic events that occurred, will undoubtedly take a very long time. But, we can’t just take immediate revenge on anyone. I believe that this event should be something like an “awakening.” We have to learn from this. How was someone able to do something like this to NYC? Bin laden has all this money and only uses it on destroying others. It is my understanding that the Taliban, and Bin Laden are all talking about Isreal. They want Isreal to get out of Juruselum which is also a holy city for Islam. I think they attack NYC because we are allies with Israel. I do not think we should have any intention of stopping with the Taliban. We have to teach them without violence. They beleive that only Muslims belong in the Holy Land, and it is their job to kill anyone who is there that doesn't belong. Knowing this we have to be able to teach these people that they aren't the only people placed on this planet, they have to be tolerant. I am sure that since these people aren't exposed to the rest of the world, they are being brain washed constantly with false ideas. They just don't know about other nationalities. Besides it is the Taliban we have to worry about, not the Afaganistan. There are plenty of people there, that are just innocent, and have no predjudice. I feel it was good move to drop food to those refugees. They are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just taking a step to end prejudice by force isn't enough. We have to teach these people why. I head on the new that Americans took there anger out on Muslims in NYC. Why? These muslims are Americans just like us, who are affected equally. They didn't do anything. We have to accept the fact that this world is composed of some crazy people. After the Oklahoma City bombing, did Americans take there anger out on Americans? Timothy McVay was an American with obvious problems. Does this meen all Americans are homicidal maniacs?

In my opinion the first step to peace, is teaching people toleration, and understand for other cultures.

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2001

First of all, I would like to make an observation in regard to Mr. Solowey's website. There is an extreme lack of coffee and/or caffeine. (I'm sure only he will understand this note). World peace is one of the most difficult concepts to identify and acheive. Although it would be wonderful if there was no more hatred, or violence, and there was only tolerance and peace, human nature will never allow this to happen. We have all been born with a bit of aggression, and this aggression surfaces when we are faced with opinions of views other than our own. Conflicts will arise, there is no way to prevent that. There will never be (in my opinion) a completely utopian society, where everyone holds hands, wears white and drinks honey and wine all day under the sun while listening to Jefferson Airplane and chatting about the lunar eclipse (please keep in mind that I need coffee very badly right now, as I have already mentioned). John Lennon imagined a world where we were not separated by race or religion, but united by the connection of all being human. Humanity, instead of peace, is something that might be more feasible to spread. If we were all bound by being human, and caring about human life in general, our world would be a much more peaceful place. AGAIN, I STRESS that complete peace is very difficult, if not impossible to get. There are too many people, and too many opinions and beliefs to unite us all. -Alana Casanova-Burgess, avid coffee drinker.

-- Anonymous, October 04, 2001

I believe that the only way to acheive world peace is to take the process one step at a time. In order for us to really be at peace we need to take actions that may include banning weapons of mass destruction in all nations and countries. Next we can set up treaties with other countries to end hate among each country. In a way this is impossible to achieve, but one day we will be faced with the decision of world peace or total world war.

-- Anonymous, October 04, 2001

Most people think that peace is a "simple word/idea". They would quip, something along the lines of,"Its so easy. Just stop all the wars. No more spilling of blood."

To say something like that, in my opinion, is niave. In retrospect, people have been striving for peace for peace and understanding for quite a while. Its not an easy process.

You see, I, myself, want peace. Its a wonderful thing to have. To know that you are safe, your children are safe, your country is on good terms with the rest of the world, etc. Peace=security.Everyone wants that.

To gain peace throughout the world, I think that the first step to take to end intolarance, prejudice, racism,etc. I've heard in the news about Arab Americans being beaten on the street because of anger/rage against the world trade center tragedy. Why? because the people who hijacked the planes happened to be Muslim. Well, so what? Timothy McVay was American- does that make all Amercians evil maniacs? No. There are just some sickos out there. These are the people we should focus our anger on. Not a whole race. (I apologize to those have been offended by my previous post on the WTC, I was just really upset about the whole thing.)

I don't know what the second, third, or fourth steps are to acheive world peace...or even if my first step [i] should indeed[/i] be the first step. Either way, that step is part of the whole pace-process. Toleration, understanding between peoples...

On final note, peace is a difficult thing to gain (very much like liberty) but its well worth all efforts.

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2001

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