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Just noticed that Badger Graphics' Web site lists the new Kodak single sheet Readyload holder in stock. Jeff's price is $94.95. Get 'em while they're hot.

-- Sal Santamaura (, October 03, 2001


thanks for the update - i've had two on order for months. i have had a chance to use some of the new single sheet packets in my old holder - they seem much more stable and secure, though i was very used to the double packets and loved them. i would like to express my appreciation to all of you who, like me, contacted Kodak directly to encourage them not to discontinue t-max in readyload - and thanks to kodak for listening! i am down to my last 4 boxes of double packets of tmax, out of the 80 or so boxes i stockpiled last winter...

-- jnorman (, October 03, 2001.

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