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I have a standalone mpeg V2.0 compatibility VCD player. I have a VCD which contains 14 .dat files. Now, i would like to create a VCD with some of the 14 .dat files.

Is it possible?

I tried to play some of .dat files by copying to CD-R. But, it doesn't work.

Can help me in this regard.

kindly give the url's for free software downloads


-- Ram (, October 02, 2001


try using nero v5.5.4.0 its a free demo at and i aslo have the crack to make it full version, It and Roxio easy cd creator are one of the best vcd software out there, i prefere nero becuase i think it is "easier" (ironic isn't it you think by the name "easy" cd creator that roxio would be easier any way) to use but Roxio is good to. Now to your question there are several reasons why your cdrs don't play on your player first make sure it accepts cdr's it sould tell you in the manual of the player most new dvd or vcd players do but if its more than 2 years old it may not, so first take the cdr to someone or some place and try it on a new dvd or vcd player(note all or most new home dvd players play vcds and support cdrs and you can get one for as little as $100) and if it plays on them then its your player and it propuly dosn't support cdr's.

Second If it don't play on any new dvd or vcd player you try then it is not in the right vcd format, this is where nero and roxio software come in they put your files in the right format so the players can reconis it as a vcd and play it. You can not and I repeat can not just coply the date files to a cdr and expect them to play their needs to be file structure on the cdr for the player to reconize it as a vcd and not just some music cd , and that is what nero is for.

So first when you get this message please e-mail me back for some more info like if it played or not on other players or what kind of software u are using to burn the dat. files. and what brand burner u are using. and then if needed ill send u all the info and software u need to get it to work.


PS: The things we do for others makes the world a better place.

-- warrior (, October 05, 2001.


-- baskan (, October 21, 2001.

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