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I'm looking for information on the new kodak readyloads and kodak won't be forthcoming with the info. I have a 545 back for polaroids and fuji quickloads. I have an old style readyload holder for the older double sheet readyloads. Will the newer readyload single sheet packets work in a fuji quickload holder? I would like to carry only one holder and would like it to be a fuji holder. I'm trying to lighten my camera pack due to shoulder surgery and I'm getting older. I would appreciate any info on the subject. Thanks. James

-- james (, October 02, 2001



There's been much discussion about the new Kodak Readyload single sheets in the Fuji QL holder. First Kodak said it was okay, then they advised against it. In my real world usage, the Kodak film works in the Fuji holder, but a little more care must be taken when doing so. The film is a little more prone to fogging, so having the opening of the holder facing into a direct light source might cause an occasional problem. Furthermore, to put it directly, the Kodak Readyloads are wimpy compared to their beefier Fuji counterparts. This means that there are times that you'll go to pull a sheet out of the holder and the paper sheath comes out while the film stays in. On the rare occasions that I use 100VS in the QL holder, I make sure to grip the film firmly as close to the opening of the holder as possible and pull it out with a little more care and forethought than necessary with Fuji film. (I also think the thinner paper stock on the Kodak film might be why the film is more prone to fogging.)

-- Todd Caudle (, October 03, 2001.

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