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Is it possible to fold and close a Linhof Technika 2000 with a lens mounted? If so, what size lenses will allow folding the camera while mounted?

I have a APO-Symmar 180mm f/5.6 and a Super Angulon 90mm f/8.

-- Jerry Gardner (, October 02, 2001


150mm is the longest when mounted on the 001016 recessed lensboard. Modern 90mm formulas can not be left on the camera when folded.

The range of lenses is indicated in the instruction book.

-- Bob Salomon (, October 02, 2001.


Bob is right in what he says but there are some other options: Rodenstock and Nikkor 150mm lenses will fit on flat panels and still allow the camera to close (52mm filter mount allows this where 58mm mount of Apo-Symmar will not.)

A friend who does alpine climbing and photography carries his folded MT with the Nikkor-M 300mm fitted.

Just some extra thoughts ... WG

-- Walter Glover (, October 02, 2001.

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