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Hi there. I noticed there were some questions centered on costs and fees charged for a doula. I was wondering if these fees mentioned are US or CAD dollars. I'm assuming it's US. I am asking because I, too, am interested in becoming a doula and am going to take the necessary training in November, but am interested in how much to charge after I am done. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada and so was wondering if these prices were US or CAD dollars.

-- Shelley Busch (shelley_busch@hotmail.com), October 01, 2001


I am also interested in becoming a doula. have you? do you like it? if so what do you charge?

-- Nanette Rossiello (Nummy2757@aol.com), January 27, 2002.

Hi Nanette, It's hard to answer what a doula charges because it's not only dependent on where you live, but what your experience is. For instance, in Sacramento, CA, doula services are averaging $900 for an experienced and/or certified doula.....yet only an hour away in Tahoe, we're looking at $600 to $700 for the most experienced and well loved doula in town. NOT having 11 years under MY personal belt, my charge is more like $400. Still... it is so rewarding and such a blessing to be with these ladies, if it wasn't for the time and training it takes, it would be an honor to be a doula for free. The hardest part about being a doula is the time spent on call when you get close to your ladies' births. There are so many sites on the internet set up by experienced and loving doulas. Check some out. If it's in your heart to be a doula, it will all fall into place.

-- Therese S (doulamom@mac.com), January 28, 2002.


I too am interested in becoming a doula. I am hoping to take the class at the end of March. In Tucson, Arizona the going rate is $400.


-- Suzette Martinez (martinez1994@hotmail.com), January 30, 2002.

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