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I have recently inherited 3 twin cam Leica R series lenses + a Leicaflex SL 'Olympic'. I am confused by the filter system as they are threadless and held in by a threaded retaining ring. The 28mm F2.8 lens filter (Serie VII UVa)is held in the hood. The 50mm F2 has a serie VII system. Please can someone inform me if it is possible to mount 'standard' filters on these lenses and what their thread sizes are.. I am also looking for information on an adaptor ring that will allow me to mount these lenses on to my current Canon EOS system. I know they exist but need more information on suppliers and manufacturers. Thanks to any one who replies. I am in the UK But will purchase equipment globally. Steve

-- Steve Ash (, October 01, 2001



Check out this site for information on Leica R to Canon EOS lens adapters: They are made by Novoflex in Germany and should be available in the UK. I have used these adapters. The only 'problem' I had was focusing in low light conditions. That problem can be solved by using a different focusing screen on your EOS camera. Contact me directly if you need more information.......

-- Muhammad Chishty (, October 01, 2001.

Steve, I don't know the filter size for the 50 off the top of my head but I'm sure it takes a standard size. I have the first version of the 28 Elmarit-R and use a 48mm screw-in thin Heliopan polarizer on it. The hood fits over the filter but you have to rotate the filter for the desired results before attaching the hood. I can't say if the thin type non-polarizer filters are required if you want to mount the hood.

-- Bud (, October 01, 2001.

The 28 takes a 48mm filter as was said. But the 50/2 2-cam took a Serie VI not a VII. A 43.5 will fit but a 44mm filter (really hard to find) is the exact size. One problem with using these filters is that the lens hood will not fit over the filter unless the thin "barrier" inside the hood, between the grooves where the spring- clips are located, is enlarged. I had to do that to mine.

-- Jay (, October 01, 2001.

Check this site for information on all M and R series lenses, present and past production by model number or serial number.

It also tells you what lens hood and front cap are required.

-- mark (, October 01, 2001.

Unfortunately, Erwin's site doesn't give you the diameter of screw-in filters for older lenses that take Series filters. I found out about my lenses from Jay and from an old Leitz product directory. You can't always assume (for example) that lenses that take Series 8 filters accept 60mm screw-in filters.

-- Bud (, October 01, 2001.

Can't help with the filter sizes, but this UK company:

claims "to be able to supply any optical filter in any type, size, or fitting." They also do custom lens adaptors - we had a very reasonable quote form them for an unusual one-off microscope adaptor.

-- Richard Williams (, October 02, 2001.

Steve, I can't help you regarding the filter sizes, but to add to Muhammad's information on adapters, if you >a href="">click here and from there on 'adapters' you find information by Novoflex itself. And they have a factory outlet (cklick here and then on 'factory outlet'), which beats Stephen Gandy's price of $ 175 by a few Euros.

-- Oliver Schrinner (, October 02, 2001.

I apologise for the bad html and the non-working link. Let's try once more:

This leads to adapter information.

From here you can reach the factory outlet information.

-- Oliver Schrinner (, October 02, 2001.


Many big filter manufacturers, such as B+W and Heliopan still produce series filters - you can buy most of them from a good outlet, albeit often to special order. It can be difficult getting standard screw in types for these lenses (48mm filters are hard to get) and even if the thread size is correct, the pitch is often too different. One has a similar issue with older Hasselblad lenses. If I were you I would check out some of the secondhand stores and see what they have - they are quite plentiful s/h.

-- Robin Smith (, October 02, 2001.

B&H stock 48mm X .75 polarizers and UV filters from B+W and Heliopan as well as color conversion filters from B+W.

In a pinch, a 44 to 55 step-up ring could be used on the 50 Summicron- R.

-- Bud (, October 02, 2001.

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