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I have used my old Omega 45E, with several homemade modifications, for quite some time now. It has worked well but it is not a very rigid platform despite my modifications. I'm starting to think about a replacement. I would prefer the monorail even though most of my shooting is field work. I use lenses from 90 to 305mm. When I made my wish list the one thing I realized I would really like is a geared front tilt. Are there cameras that have this feature short of the Sinar P2?

-- Dave Schneider (, October 01, 2001


Several: The Inka, the top of the line Horseman, the ArcaSwiss M series, (I also think there is a geared front tilt version of the F-line), and of cource there are used Sinar P cameras and also the Sinar X, which is essentially a Sinar P2 with some frills like format interchangability left out.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, October 01, 2001.

If you were interested in a field camera, the Wista SP has a geared front tilt.

-- David Rose (, October 02, 2001.

Any Arca-Swiss camera with micrometric Orbix (not standard Orbix) will have geared front tilt.

-- David Munson (, October 18, 2001.

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