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I have received threatening email messages from Rev. John Fisher about my postings on the AME discussion forum. Here is one such post:

"I hope you are enjoying both posing the question, supplying the answer and then commending those who give the answers. Computer leave trails and yours lead right to Rev. Alexander and this is in addition to other times you have used false identies. Either you stop or I will expose your trails publically." Rev. John

Rev. Alexander and I live in the same condominium complex, along with a few other "concerned AME's" who heavily read and post to this open forum. We highly enjoy the AME discussion forum, however, this is not Rev. John's forum. I understand that he is the moderator. However, he does not have the right to censor nor threaten people on this forum. Our posts have stimulated great conversations over the last few weeks; we have not said anything derogatory about anyone in particular. This "threat" has lead me to open up the floor to a discussion on censorship. Is it not our right to openly commend on pertinent issues of the day without being threatened, or am I totally off the mark?

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2001


Rev. John owns this board. He can do with it what he will. For business purposes, the traffic generated by the "Poster's" on this board benefits Rev. John. Therefore he is interested in keeping as much traffic as possible. He has the capacity to edit (censor) every post if he so desires.

Blessings, Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2001

Dear Sis.Joyce I may also be off the mark but I believe Rev. John may be either legally or potentially(financially)liable in the case of slander or personal liable since he is the owner of this site and board. As a result of the potentially criminal slander against Presiding Elder Tate Rev. John should be especially careful of the post and those persons posting here. His report on this matter was disturbing but expected at some point. I cannot speak for Rev. John and I would not dare try as he can speak quite well for himself but I pray the matter of your postings will be worked out.

I have found your questions of value and your comments more than suitable. While we can have different opinions on how things ought to be done in our Church we must be appreciative of the differences that make us the special poeple of God. I will pray that any mis- understandings can be cleared up as quickly as possible.

May God Bless You and don't loose heart my Sister


-- Anonymous, October 01, 2001

I am glad that I now know that Rev. John "owns" this discussion board. I was not aware of that. I will therefore encourage members of the AME administration to develop an "official" AME discussion board that is connected to the "official" AME web page. Since my first ammendment rights are not appreciated nor respected (nor are the rights of several others that have posted to this site), I will cease supporting this discussion board and I will also encourage the other AME's to cease supporting this effort. Brother Nalton, may God continue to bless you. Bishop Cousin was a blessed leader this past week at the Chicago Annual Conference. I will keep in touch with you via a more equitable venue. Peace.

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2001


First and foremost there was one e-mail and since Sis. Joyce took the time to reprint it, it saves me having to do so. One paragraph sent one time does not "threatening emails" make. The paragraph is not threatening, it states a fact and asks for cease and desist. I did not do it online as I did other multiple identies since it was more a nuisance than malicious. The fact it has gone online was Sis. Joyce's call and choice.

For anyone who has used this board for any length of time, you would know if there is one thing I may be guilty of it would be a lack of censorship. For letting some of the discussion threads lapse into personal attack before I step in to put out the fire. That all is in interest of free discussion.

In recent weeks however, we have been infiltrated by a number of people generating a load of posts from the same computer. This was particularly evident in the fraudulent case that was perpetrated against a presiding elder of the church.

Since that time, I have arranged that where there are multi-postings, during a small time frame, with different names but from the same point of origin, that they be kicked back to me.

While there exists the possibility that one person could share the same computer with three or four other people, the odds of that being done in a group session with all parties present and each taking turns both posting and answering themselves, stretches at least the realms of my imagination.

Two posters correctly stated the case, this board is my responsiblity and it not a public entity. But I doubt anyone who has used it for any length of time would raise the issue of censorship. I do not pull the plug on any discussion because I do not agree with it.

But I will stop any thread that is anonymous character assassination and will question/and or will stop posts that seem to be generated by one person under several assumed names.

This is not in the interest of power but in the interest of sustaining a smoothly operated discussion that is not flavored by anyone weilding the power of disception and applying amens to their own sermons under other names.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this thread may cause anyone but all who have followed the course of this discussion area over the past couple of months know some checks and balances need to be put into place. Rev. John

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2001

Sister Joyce:

First, the AME Church must decide to PAY for an Official Web Site with a Discussion Board. The site that is supposed to be "Official" is privately owned and paid for by one individual. If you look at the AME budget for 2000 0 2004 you will find )$0.00 allocated for Web Site development. In other words, we don't want and official site for if we did we would be willing to allocate the proper resources.


Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2001

I agree 100% with Rev. John. This is his "baby" and has everyright to defend and nurture it. I have learnt a lot more on this Board for which I am thankful. Sometimes many of us have difficulty in selecting the right words, but others corrected us and we are thankful for that. I have just recently opened the discussion on the American Foreign Policy and I got some responses that are really appreciated. Keep it up Rev. JOhn and I trust that more and more readers will join the healthy exchange.

-- Anonymous, October 02, 2001

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