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I'm putting this one together early in the morning of the first. I had a wonderful synchronicity just happen. Before I went to bed I turned on the Art Bell show to hear who was on. It was Gregg Braden, whom I like listening to. I listened for about 10 minutes and then went to sleep.

At 4:18 am I awoke, feeling a bit restless. Wide open and up. A little frustrated at having awakened. So I turned the radio back on, because our local AM station always replays the Art Bell show from 4-5. I was astounded to hear the exact same segment of the interview that I'd heard 5 hours prior just before sleeping.

Gregg was talking about three experiments that had been done and demonstrated a relationship between the shape of DNA and our feeling state. The following links are about cultivating a feeling state that is, in itself, a very effective and manifesting form of prayer.

Interview w/ Gregg Braden, August 2000

And then there's this nice excerpt from another interview that really brings it home for me:


"I had an experience in the late 1980's with a native American in northern New Mexico when this part of the world was in one of the worst droughts and this gentlemen invited me to accompany him on a little expedition where he would "pray rain".

And I had an expectation on what that would look like, I thought that I would see a lot of movement and singing and dancing, and ceremony.. and what I saw to make a long story very short...what I saw was very little outward expression of this prayer. And it lasted only a few moments, and then he said he was finished, and he said, "Let's go get a bite to eat, I've finished my prayer" and I said "I was expecting something very different" and he explained to me, he did not pray for rain, because if he had prayed for rain, in praying "for" he is acknowledging that it didn't exist.

His prayer became a prayer of feeling and emotion of what it feels like to be in the presence of rain, to stand in wet earth, and to smell the rain on the Pueblo walls of his home and that was the beginning of his prayer... and once he had done that he was so confident...and this is what we lost 1700 years ago....once he did, he was so confident that he had created something in his world...maybe it wasn't in front of him in that moment, he knew that somewhere in creation that he had created the seed that would bring him rain and from that moment forward the prayer then became a prayer of thanks for what he had created.

This is very subtle and very different from asking that rain come to pass, in other words, he was having the feeling that the rain was already there, the first piece, following that feeling, he gave thanks for the rain he knew he had created, even though it wasn't present in full view in his world, in our world, in that moment.

WRI interview

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2001

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