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My question is, Have you had any more suggestions to making a North and South California Region Timetable? I know that you said that with the current California Region TT reaching over 100 pages that you had thought about splitting the timetable to a North and Southern California region. Just curious. In my opinion, I think you could do a greater job than you do now and have much more information/maps and such with a slpit. Either way, I still will buy them and contribute information when I could. Take it easy.

Tom C. Jones

-- Tom Jones (, October 01, 2001


It is still under consideration. As some of the changes in Southern California are completed over the next year, there is a likelihood of that being the best solution. As is now, to add something, something has to go. I do have a few things we can still do, though those are getting fewer and fewer.

I would welcome some additional reader thoughts with there thoughts of two editions for the state.

-- Rob (, October 01, 2001.

As a railfan of the Central California area, I don't like the idea of seperate timetables. In the area of Feather River and Donner Pass all the way down to Tehachapi by way of the Valley I like having just one timetable that encompasses the whole area. My best suggestion for clearing up some space is to omit Amtrak information. Most railfans I know could care less about Amtrak. If there is a demand out there, then maybe a all inclusive timetable for Amtrak of the West coast or something of the like. Thanks.


-- Eric Silva (, December 17, 2002.

I like the idea of 2 seperate timetables for CA. I would like to see more maps of certain areas (i.e. Tehachapi). I find the maps useful in getting a "visual" idea of what the timetable info tells you. You could also add more detail to the lines by doing this.


-- Brian J Rubino (, August 27, 2002.

I would like to see Northern, Southern, and Central California regional timetables, as well as a statewide timetable. In the three region setup, there would be Amtrak and commuter schedules, information maps, and other information. In the statewide, of course, you would still have the minor railroads (SCBG, SMVRR) amd all of the major carriers. Pacific Northwest should also be modifird.

I would place the portion from Eugene to the California stateline and the portion of the Nevada/Rocky Mountains timetable into a Northern California, Northern Nevada & Southern Oregon timetable. In Southern CA, you would have the Southern Nevada Area, Southern California and Arizona (west of I-17). Arizona East of I-17, New Mexico, the entire state of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas would be in the Southwestern Region Timetable.

Mountain Plains would include Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Colorado, and UTAH, as well as Kansas, Kansas City Area, & most of Missouri.

The PNW timetaable would be Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Northern & Eastern Oregon, and Idaho.

Gulf States would comprise of Louisiana, Alabama. Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia.

Atlantic Seaboard would include the Carolinas and Virginia. The NEC is everything from Maine to Wasshington DV (all lines).


-- Peter Warner (, November 05, 2001.

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