Justin Herman Plaza

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Who was Justin Herman Plaza named after and why?

-- Mark Trolinder (marktrolinder@cs.com), October 01, 2001


Justin Herman was the head of SFRA (san francisco redevelopment agency)


-- Bob Verbrugge (bob_verbrugge@compuserve.com), October 01, 2001.

Justin Herman was a man who wanted to redevelope S.F. to keep what he called Blithe people away. this means the minorities including italians, blacks and hispanics. in doing so he built the justin herman plaza in embarcardero. In doing this he created what would be the birth or steet skating. skateboarders would come by the dozens to skate this amazing red bricked area, the likes of mark gonzalez, james kelch, henry sanches, mike caroll, chico brenes, karl waatson and many others became some of the worlds best skateboarders here. together the created the EMB family, if youre down with skating you know what EMB stands for. in the late ninties it seems the the goverenmnt there reverted back to thier old ways and shut down skatebording at embarco. but the stories and good times will live in video and our hearts. EMB for life

-- EMB (zooyorkpad@aol.com), April 14, 2003.

Justin Herman was not racist, your answer is completely wrong and defamation. He was a good friend to my Gradmother who was a dark hispanic. So what you just said was completely ill informed. Sorry!

-- TJ Walkup (gargoylex@sbcgobal.net), February 28, 2004.

actually, the reason embarco was built was to push the Italians farther north, so yes he was a racist.

-- riley phillippe (fsteindcla@yahoo.com), May 22, 2004.

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