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hey everyone well in case u dont know i write for LoCal MuSac and once a month me and cori review a night of sounds of sac..well we already did this the nite lousy lovers, speeding in the rain and secretions were on BUT my computer ate our notes or somethin SO i will be reviewing tonites show with TKW yay! sadly cori cant help me review it (i have a feeling shes out with her new bf hehe) but anywho...

if ud like to read the review, and other concert reviews, intervies, cd reviews etc sign up for the ezine! to subscribe send a blank email to thanx. if u hate the zine u can always be taken off the list, the zine goes out every month.

rock on cya at cap garage! oooh kwod is playin afi on their buzzbin-weird but cool!

-- Punk Princess LaUrA (, October 01, 2001


oops wronge addy

the right addy is

-- me again (, October 01, 2001.

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