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I don't know if you've met Phil Greenspun. He's pretty amazing - I'm just an awed fan. I use some of his tools, and this forum software is some of the best I've seen for speed and ease of use. This little thread can be for us to talk about technical stuff using this software if you're interested.

The data we generate here all sits on Phil's server at MIT. If you delete it, it's gone.

I keep my setting on "add an alert" for everything, because that let's me know by e-mail when you post something new. I usually don't read it in e-mail, because I actually prefer the interactive capacity of the Greenspun forum and it captures my responses more completely if I'm working out of the forum rather than e-mail.

Because this is a private password forum you have to browse with greenspun (this server) cookies enabled for the session. This goes a bit against my grain, since I usually browse in LYNX and shun all cookies. However, Phil seems to be a bit of a privacy buff, so I feel pretty confident that normal propriety is fully maintained. cynthia

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2001


What do you think? fun huh?

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2001

There's also a wonderful editing feature, available to you through the "private page for deleting old threads" link at One Abode's top level. I'd like to extend to you the same options I have for making myself look like a better writer than I actually am.

The password for this admin page is "toward". You can delete the whole thing if you like - if you get consumed in a fit of pique or something - so I guess the request I'd like to make is that you refrain from doing that.

Edits aren't chronologized, so I usually stop editing a post after I've submitted and checked it, except for correcting typographical errors. Clarifications, additional URLS, and afterthoughts are best submitted as answers, so that the train of conversation can flow more naturally.

When you reach the administration page, click on the link for Q&A under "visit admin page". You should be able to figure it out from there - just remember to hand enter the < p >, since the only time that's done automatically is when you actually generate text inside the submission form.

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2001

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