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What is multi-modal theory? Can it be applied to Art therapy?

-- Julia Rost (, September 30, 2001


As in the multi-modal theory of intelligence? This is a theory that argues that intelligence comes in various differnt *kinds* each of which are relatively independent of the others. For instance, one might be high on "verbal" intelligence, but low on "social" intelligence, and middling on "musical" and "visual" intelligences. The idea was first put forward, I think, by Thurstone early in the century (see, e.g.,, and somewhat later by Guilford. A recent advocate has been Howard Gardner (who has a book on the topic that I think is called _Multiple Intelligences_). Multimodal theory is opposed to the tradition view of people like Spearman that there is a single "general" intelligence that can be "crystalized" into various specialized domains by experience.

I'm afraid I have no idea if there has been any application of these ideas in Art Therapy, though it wouldn't surprise me if some art therapists speak of some patients as being more "visual", others more "verbal", and still others more "muscial" or "aural".

-- Christopher Green (, October 01, 2001.

hi um i dont have an anwser i was just wondering if you could get me some information about Art therapy? If i can i would apreaceate it. Thank You Julie Mosconi

-- Julie Mosconi (, October 07, 2001.

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