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I am switching from med. to large format, and have a late model 4x5 toyo monorail, I've been shooting with polaroid backs and sheet film. My question is what brand or types of roll film backs will work with the current ground glass? thank you in advance Thomas

-- Thomas Douglass (, September 30, 2001


Based upon my experience, I'd recommend Toyo's own backs. They're not inexpensive but they do keep the film flatter than any other back I've tried and the advance mechanism spaces the frames very evenly...

-- Jeffrey Goggin (, September 30, 2001.

I agree with Jeff. However, if you do like roll film backs that slide under the gg, like a film holder, vs. graflock connection in which you need to remove the gg, I would NOT reccomend the Toyo version is just too fat... If used often enough it will likely damage your springs or the gg back. There is other makers of roll film backs better suited for this, such as Calumet, (only buy new as they had problems with the older ones) and of course the mighty Sinar Variable zoom back which costs more than most cameras.

-- Bill Glickman (, September 30, 2001.

Visit this link on my site about Calumet backs . I also noticed a thread today on PDN tech talk about this very matter, including a contributor who claims to have help design the Calumet backs.

-- Richard Stum (, September 30, 2001.

I have the Toyo 6x9 back and agree that it seems to keep the film flat. There is no 180 curves as in the typical roll film holder. I would agree that despite the claims by Toyo that this holder can be slid in under the glass like a regular holder it is not a very good idea. The back is way to thick to be inserted easily and the springs are stretched to the maximum to accomodate. The force required to stretch the springs that far meant moving the camera was too easy. I use it by removing the glass and attaching the graphlocks. If you don't have a back with removable glass this may not be a good solution.

-- Dave Schneider (, October 01, 2001.

Here is the link to which I previously referred (it somehow didn't translate in my last post).

-- Richard Stum (, October 01, 2001.

Thanks for all the help I appreciate it. Thomas

-- Thomas Douglass (, October 03, 2001.

I am the new owner of a Toyo Quick Slider II roll film holder that, unfortunately, will not fit on my Wisner woodfield, but will fit on a Toyo- Omegaview. It's the kind that accepts roll film backs like for the Mamiya RB67, and has a ground glass that slides out of the way when you're ready to shoot. If you're interested, e-mail me. I'd be more than happy to part with it for exactly what I paid, although I'll keep that amount out of this forum, lest it look like an advertisement. (probably does anyways, I'm just thinking one person can help another in need. I don't plan to profit from this at all, I just want to make my money back for a purchase I didn't think through.)

-- Todd Caudle (, October 07, 2001.

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