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Happy Birthday, friend.

Here's is a little room I've made for us, off in this quiet corner of virtual space. It's not much, but it's a start. I suppose it's more of an idea, really - a comforting place for me, because it let's me think I'm in contact with you, and I like that thought right now.

Sometimes I just want a little quiet spot to visit that's not my In Box - a place that's easier to sit in, and add to as time and inspiration permit. E-mail can get so rapid-fire sometimes. The momentum can get exhausting, the back-and-forth of it all can be so linear, and even misleading in its lack of accessible depth.

I've never done this before - made a place out of light to share with just one other person. It seemed a good thing to do, and you seem to be a good man to do it with.

So I've made this first little room to start, inside a place I'm calling "One Abode", a salon of sorts where you and I can sit like proper folk and bring to the table whatever we have to share at the moment.

I know we may not get too much time on the ground with one another. The world is a full and rushing place, and I'm quite caught up in the trance and dance of it. I've not seen as many birthdays as you have, but I have seen a fair share of them - enough to both own the power of, and responsibility for, my projections onto the Future and Others, as well to learn that my projections are best held loosely, because they're not nearly so interesting as what Spirit and I create together when I back off and go "with", instead of "at".

With respect to matters of the heart, your friends "Waiting" and "Seeing" have been my primary Orders of the Day for a very long time, and I no longer expect those things to change. In fact, I don't even mind them very much any more, and am growing fond of their familiarity (often an auger of impending change, if I know Coyote and his trickster ways).

So please accept this humble gift of photons arranged in a manner that really means to make no demand upon you. Ways for you to share are available, but in no way requisite. You've always had my respect, and my empathy.

And, since we've met, you now have my love,


-- Anonymous, September 30, 2001

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