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Hey can anyone tell me the best way to set up a slack line? Thanks

-- David Perez (, September 29, 2001


check out

-- joe the bleeder (, October 06, 2001.

hey david,

I wanted to see if I can contribute an answer to your question.

This is the gear needed: 2 slings or cortelettes 3 oval carribeaners 70+ ft. of one inch webbing 2 trees 4 big guys to help pull

Setting up a slack line is really easy but you need a few strong people to give it a tug. That is the hardest part. the first thing you want to do is set up your anchors. I set them up around a tree. You either want to use cortelettes or slings. Basically a sling is just a few feet (or the length necessary to make it around the tree) of one inch webbing. After you wrap your anchors around the tree then you want to connect the ends with a carribeaner. Do this to both of the trees. Tie off one end of the slack line to a carribeaner on one of the anchors. Then lay out your 70+ ft. of webbing flat on the ground. This is where it may get difficult to describe so bare with me. About 10 feet before you reach the other tree anchor that you have not tied the line of to, tie a carribeaner onto the slack line.

TTT TTT TTT\ /TTT TTT \ / TTT TTT O-------------------------------------O-----------O TTT TTT / \_______ \ TTT TTT/ \TTT TTT TTT

This diagram represents your set-up. The TTT is the two trees. The dashes "/" and "\" these build your anchor around the tree. The capital "O" is your carribeaner. The dotted line ---- represents the line that is layed flat on the ground at this point. The solid line _____ is the slack you will have after you run your line through the carribeaners.

The most important part of the whole set-up is the double friction not. To make a double friction not you want to clip the line into the anchor that had not been used yet. Make sure you keep the line flat. Then run the line from that beaner to the beaner that is tied off 10 feet down the line keeping the line straight. After that, once again run the line through the beaner on the tree. Now you should have two passes through this tree beaner. Tuck the second pass under the first pass making the line create a friction. Once again pass the line through the beaner on the slack line, tucking it under the first pass once again. Then all you have to do is pull really hard. If you have any more question e-mail me.

good luck, dadat

-- Ustin Dadat Rey (, August 24, 2003.

Please disreguard the diagram above. It came out wierd from the submission

-- Ustin Dadat Rey (, August 24, 2003.

Hey thanx alot for the intructions man!! i went out and got some webbing just the other night and set up my slack line..It is awsome! thanks a bunch!

-- Geoff T. (, November 06, 2003.

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