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I used my new full-time darkroom for the first time Tuesday night to develop some film (12-8x10s and 8-5x7s). Thanks to everyone who opined regarding sinks; I wound up with a Delta-1 6' ABS (6" depth). I built the stand with a lower shelf out of some extra 2x4s and plumbed it myself for a total expendature $310.

-- Chad Jarvis (, September 28, 2001


If your's has the raised ribs on the bottom like mine, go to a lighting dealer and buy some recessed lighting diffusing material [the stuff that goes under the florescent bulbs to diffuse the light]. It comes in sheets of 2x4'. Lots of little squares and about 1/2" thick. Provides an excellent flat surface for your sink [I think the technical name is duckboards] so your stuff will sit up straight. Because of the openings, the fluids drain out below and flow to the drainpipe. Love mine! And it was cheap!!

-- Alec (, September 28, 2001.

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