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Are you aware that San Diego Northern Railway has changed their operating procedures at the Solana Station?

Track #1 (closest to the depot) is designated the eastward main, while track 2 (the beach track) is designated the westward main. This was done to ease confusion as to which track trains will depart from at this location.

When CA #13 comes out, are you going to put a notation in the page for SDNR San Diego Sub?

Thanks Peter

-- Peter Warner (, September 27, 2001


I looked over the General Order for the San Diego Northern lines, at present that is not indicated as an operating practice. That is not to say it isn't occurring, just that it isn't in the current GO. May be in a track bulletin or will be mentioned in the next General Order.

-- Rob (, September 29, 2001.

I have the current General Order, I didn't see a note of that change. Often tracks at depots have not followed the GCOR Rules. We'll look into it.

Don't be concerned about Timetable 13. We still have plenty of #12s for sale.

-- Rob (, September 28, 2001.

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