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Hi, I use the Video Vegas to get the mpegs for my VCD, you can get avi files or even mpeg non vcd compliant an render it as vcd mpg comp.

I wanted to rich up my vcd and came into the Philip's video cd Toolkit, get a project built but don't know how to make of it a vcd.

-- pablo estevez (, September 27, 2001


If you read VCD Toolkit info closely you will see that it doesn't have CD recording capabilites; your successful project ends up and is saved as a CD image. You now take this CD-image file and open it in either WinOnCD or Gear (the only two CD-authoring programs Philips felt up to scratch, in 1996 anyway (speaks volumes about Easy CD)) where you proceed to create your VCD.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, September 30, 2001.

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