#63 Canning Lids Revisited

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After many years of gathering dust in the basement, now again able to can in #63 jars. "Heirlooms" from the days when everything from motor oil to coffee to pickled pigs feet came in glass jars that were stronger than canning jars that we now see. Some sizes apparently only existed in #63s such as 1-1/2 pint and 1-1/2 quart sizes. Also the smaller "pound" jars that were slightly smaller than a pint and were for a pound of honey or molasses. All very handy for certain canning projects when a "tweener" size jar was needed. This summer, a friend was clearing out her mother's estate and located 4 dozen old BerNarDin flats. It was a treat to bring up those old jars to unite with my equally old rings! Lids with an "attitude" and when they sealed, even the neighbors knew it. Now these flats are available again from Gardeners Kitchen. For price and ordering, go to either www.canninglidsusa.com or www.gardenerskitchen.com. Rings not yet available but expected soon. Don't expect to find the #63s at your local Wal*Mart as only us oldtimers would even have a clue as to what they are and would have the horde of precious jars. However, there still are a few products that can be found in #63 size. Wyler's bouillion cube jars are handy 1/2 pints for jelly and are #63. A few mustards are still in #63 glass. World Classic brand comes to mind and there may be more. A pity that there are tons of #63 jars on the store shelves now only with lug caps. Anyway, thanks to Gardeners Kitchen, we can now again wash the dust off those handy old jars and put them back into use.

-- Martin W. Longseth (tmofmadison@aol.com), September 26, 2001


Thanks for posting this. Living alone and getting lazy in my old age, I dont can much anymore. However missed being able to use the #63 lids. They used to be very economical on small jars.

By the way I have even canned in commercial jelly/jam jars with the cam threaded caps. I just took a cam threaded cap, scraped the rubber sealing compound off and carefully cut out the center then used it as a ring to hold #63 flat. Worked fine and always got a good seal. Have to be a little careful when removing the homemade ring after the flat is sealed.

-- Hermit John (hermit@hilltop_homestead.zzn.com), September 26, 2001.

How funny that I find this post. I recently purchased a 'lot' of jars-lids-bands. There where many lids that said '63'. I probably received 15-20 boxes of these lids. The prices on these lids range from .19 - .30. I thought 'man these are old' but don't know the age range. If anyone knows could you please let me know.

Thanks, Paula

-- Paula Murphy (racemom3@webtv.net), September 27, 2001.

I have been using the jars which use the No. 63 lids for 50 years, some of the old coffee jars, quart size and squatty looking will take the No. 63 lids. I removed the labels when I canned in them and now wish I had saved them but at the time preserving the food was the most important use for the jars.

I tried emailing Gardeners Kitchen but "no match" was found so I have written them and am waiting an answer as to where I may purchase the lids. I have reused the rings for years.

-- Rose Chapman (rchapman@yellville.net), October 16, 2001.

i too have a bunch of dernardin. i contacted them they are out of canada. they say they no longemake the jars. what to do with all those lids??

-- cody (urbusted@alltel.net), November 27, 2001.

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