looking for fellow doulas in MD

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Hi! I am a doula-in-training and I am trying to find others like me in the MD (Harford County) area. Please contact me! I need 2 more births to complete my DONA certification and would like to hook up with another doula to help/back up/volunteer/shadow. Thanks and God Bless!

-- wendi mcdowell (birthnutt@yahoo.com), September 26, 2001


Hi Wendi!

I wish I had read this post earlier! I just had a client who would have been receptive to another doula(and I would have been grateful for the extra pair of hands!!!) Where did you take your training? I'd be happy to try to help you any way I can!


-- Cindy Sauerwein (chesapeakebirthcompanion@yahoo.com), October 19, 2001.

Hi! I am a doula in Montgomery County! I am presently working on my certification, too...with CAPPA. Guess you're a little far for us to back each other up, huh? (darn beltway traffic!!! lol) email me if you just want to chat! carmen

-- Carmen Rae (carmenrae@lovingchildbirth.com), January 15, 2002.

HELLO! I am a doula in Baltimore Maryland. I am a member of CAPPA and I am earning my certification.

I can also be reached at: Liz4BirthSupport@aol.com


-- Elizabeth Seibert (Kitteno69o@aol.com), September 27, 2002.

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