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Thanks to Mike Swaine at Dr Dobbs' Journal, I found this site (see DDJ Oct 2001 Programming Paradigms).

The discovery came one day after sending the following to a team of about 150 techos, some of whom are in the "hate MS, just because" camp and parading the recent postulations and prognostications of the Gartner Group:

'...Anyone listening to Gartner for technical advice might be better off in a hairdressing salon...'

And my followup, after reading through the site, and especially the "Things You Should Never Do, Part I" with the spooky picture of a barber shop:

'A lucid thought on the sagacity of Gartner commenting on items of technical import...

added to that is his picture, which shows this guy doesn't hang around in hairdressing salons either.'

Thanks, Joel. You are a real man.

-- Anonymous, September 26, 2001


I don't know. I think sometimes Joel is off base. A religious devotion to the concept "never, ever, ever, ever do a re-write" seems absurd in light of IIS.

Sometimes refactoring a pile of shit is a more bug-prone process than starting over.

I'd recommend Microsoft starting over with IIS.

-- Anonymous, September 28, 2001

I agree with you, Tom. I believe there are times when a rewrite is called for. And at the same time, Joel makes some good points.

Here are the arguments I saw Joel make against rewrites in his essay, in a nutshell:

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