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Firstly I apologise for the base leve of this enquiry.

I am moving into LF photography as a natural progression of my photo work. It is not nescessarily for the film format but for the control over the camera movements, I am very happy with the print results I obtain on 120 film stock. My local camera store are in the process of preparing me a Linhof Tec V (out of 2 beat up ones) which is what I am currently waiting for and am planning on using it primeraly with a 6 x 9 rollfilmback. But here I see another camera a Super Tec 23 which looks ideal, is it a new model? does the camera offer all of the movements of the Tec V?, use the same lenses? is the only "drawback" that one cannot use plate film?.

I would be glad to hear of any experience in comparing the two models.


-- adrian tyler (, September 25, 2001


Go with the 4x5, as you said, you can always use roll film backs, but you cannot go from 2x3 to 4x5 easily! I had the same question when I first started and was lucky enough to have a knowledgeable salesperson who steered me in the right direction. besides, you already have a 120 camera, why bother with another one just because of the movements? get the 4x5 I promise you it will be a better choice.

-- Jorge Gasteazoro (, September 25, 2001.

i would consider a linhof tk23 or arca 6x9-with the new films and also the new nikon 8000 scanner i think rollfilm is the way to go. also,there are many more choices of film and it is a truly portable package. 4x5 is fine if you like the rectangle poportions it offers, and it can be easier to see the gg,however i am using a 6x9 set-up and making prints as large as 26"x40" and they look gr

-- robert lyons (, September 25, 2001.

I have a Linhof Tech V 2x3 and I love it! It is faster though to use the film holders(4x5) as you dont have to keep putting on and taking off the roll film holder(2x3) well as the ground glass holder...unless you just intend to use the rangefinder. Disadvantages(2x3) are small tiny screen(squint).... more stuff to bring(roll film holders), long list of operations to take pics...Advantages....ROLL FILM=NO DUST MARKS and convienent. The 80mm 2.8 on this camera is great! Nice fast lens .I use the moves a lot! If I had to decide on a solution setup... I would pick the 2x3 (skipping the 4x5) and get a 5x7 or larger for sheet film. Keep in mind though that this is a personal choice and its wise to follow your heart and not take other peoples methods/opinions too seriously...only as a guide. My reasoning is that when I do sheet film I want to really go for it... 5x7 and up! But in the long run.. its the photos you create not the camera that matters. Maybe its best to use the cameras that come to you easily in the course of life. E.

-- Emile de Leon (, September 25, 2001.

arca 6x9 or Master Technika 4x5 are better if you want to use wide angle lens with roll film (65mm, 58...) On a Technika V 4x5, you can't use movements with a 65mm ! 4x5 polaroid back are quite cheap, and you can use readyload...only with a 4x5 If you really want to stick with roll Film (convenient and cheaper) i think you should shop for an arca 6x9 (no limitation and very good wide angle bellow!)

-- dg (, September 26, 2001.


any version of a Linhof Tec/ S.Tec 23 (III-Vb) hasnít the swings, but it compensates with the tilts when rotating a camera at 90 degree. All other the ST 23ís movements (side movements, shift, standardís and the bedí tilts are about twice less than a Tec/S.Tec/Master Tec 45ís, so as the format of the ST 23 is twice less too. (BTW, may be you know, the word ďSuperĒ in the name of a Linhof camera means that the camera has a range finder).

It is possible to use on a Tec 23 almost same lenses as on a Tec 45 with adequate lens boards (for a baby Linhof ) and cams, its shortest focal length starts from 47mm (SA, with no movements at all when using on a Tec 45, Sinar Handy)...then 65mm (SA), but not longer than the bellows extension allows (appr. 210mm, or more if a lens has the tele-design).

Good luck


-- victor randin (, October 01, 2001.

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