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Has any one out there ever imagined that they were some one in Aeon's world? Fantasized what it would feel like to be .............................................Trevor Goodchild. One thing that has always appealed to me about the series is the sensation that as I watch the show all consequences of actions melt away. I feel almost as though I'm tripping because nothing matters. I'm having some difficulty expressing the sensation that it gives me. Has anyone else felt something like this??

-- Brian Patrick (, September 25, 2001


Well, when I first saw Aeon (many many many yearn ago) I used to play in the backyard pretending to be her.

-- Frostbite (, September 25, 2001.

Yeah, I guess I have, but moreover, I've often thought that life would be much more interesting if I lived in Aeon's world. I also think that I might get on better there, seeing as how I feel pretty at home in the show's reality. Or maybe I already live there and that's why my life is so unpleasant frequently: I live in a world where everyone is isolated, even when they're around each other. I mean my real life isn't much different than posting on this list. I might say or do something, but it doesn't lend any real connection to another person, outside of an intellectual capacity, anyway. Sooo...

In additon to the "consequences of actions melt[ing] away," just as you said, I find that another appeal of the show is Aeon's sensuality with herself and everything, everyone she encounters. I think she's terribly afraid of intimacy, but she's fearless in her pursuit of it (in some episodes, at least). I admire that greatly. But now I'm starting to get the feeling that my opinion on this subject says far more about me than the show. So it goes.

-- Dr. Razzmatazz (, September 26, 2001.

I would love to live in her world. I guess essentially I would love to actually be her. To have the freedoms and sexuality of her. Yo be in that world and manipulate the infamous Trevor.

-- Nichole DuBarry (, November 12, 2001.

"I would love to live in her world. I guess essentially I would love to actually be her. To have the freedoms and sexuality of her. [T]o be in that world and manipulate the infamous Trevor." -- Nichole DuBarry (, November 12, 2001.

The first three sentences (cf. enc.), these are of true personal appeal to me. I'm obliged to reflect on the degree and quality of personal inspiration that I (oness-unto-Goddess) may have ever brought to bear effectively upon the matter. The last sentence, however, I find to be just totally disappointing to me, but for the certainty I have as to what I know to be AEon's own and singular motivations in any regards to Trevor (personal or otherwise).

And, furthermore: I, for one, find too the latter to be at radical and even diametrical departure from such sentiments as I should recognize evinced (as knightmares 13's?) as per last sentence of quoted text (enc).

I mean, c'mon. For example Goodchild himself has certainly experienced some serious and righteously deserved humiliation and embarrassment - and repeatedly, for it - as a result of ever himself even hazarding Flux for a golddigger.

I mean, whaddaya MEEEN, "To

-- dangerboy (, November 12, 2001.

I think unconsciously I am aware of Aeon. When I paid off one of my credit cards, (my lifelong ambition lately) I 'saw' her in my minds' eye; poised with her fug, aim dead on. Was a very satisfying feeling.

-- Barb e. (, November 25, 2001.

I do fantasize about being Aeon singing to Trevor. The Look of Love by Diana Krall has some definite resemblence to their sultry relationship and I thought of her immediately when I heard it, that early morning bedroom scene in Last Time comes to mind. Poirier's voice could do that beautifully.

-- Barb e. (, November 30, 2001.

Hm.. I hate fantasizing about being AEon Flux or about being like AEon Flux. But tthat must be because half the time you know I fell like AEon Flux! Shit can be just frustrating sometimes when you're set on accomplishing something you know and there is no option for consideration or recourse against FAILURE. (Yer Zen Hardcore, STS.) But then you consider how often Failure wasn't to be an IF-thing but a WHEN thing - how you just go on, vain and rugged at one and the same remove anyway and Denial can be your friend when the important thing is to order IGNORE. There IS NO ABORT you'll have to kill me I ain't no Kurt Cobain ; there never was any RETRY and 50/50 Hindsight's yer Boobyprize see EVERYTHING is on THIS deal THIS time THIS shot. . .

But I can't help it, one could say: I even have clothes like AEON FLUX's. Not to go out "like" AEon Flux or anything because for me it's not about costume, and that's the thing: I'm not pretending to be anybody else; I dress like that anyhow because I like that sort of "thing." And again, even her "costume" isn't a costume; it may appear that way at first - until you realize it functions not as emblematic of AEon Flux in-particular, but rather characteristic of what evidently emerges as utilitarian or urban daywear in immediate relation to her social milieu, her society as such at large and in general.

(Or, "Nightwear" - which immediately brings us to the larger question of What Sort Of Society Is It That Should Have One more at home in the regalia of an assassin when in bed, etc., etc. - the larger question of interrelational honesty as posed surreptitiously by way of so ingenious a thematic link ...we are then (subcosciously) considering the absurdity of sexual duplicity or sleeping-with-the-enemy subtexts...CHUNG YOU GODDAMN GENIUS FROM HELL ! GOD - WHY CAN'T I DO THAT?! I hate life, y'koooow...?

That's the thing though, for me about AEon: Like Bowie, one is appealed to relate to the same world as the Star her/himself must do (w/ Bowie the allegorical template were Alienation; w/ AEon it were ...Duty[?]). At which point (the point of entry) you're beyond the threshold of Fantasy's inherent futility/obsessio already, because you realize you're no longer fantasizing you are identifying, and this is the precise juncture at which the material has ceased its ability to serve me as entertainment. (Never behaved properly as entertainment anyhow which is why I guess MTV can't see it; they could humiliate me here simply by surrendering AEON FLUX to its rightful author (Chung), but I sure wish there were some way to ever hope to see them persuaded to allow our man to return to the business of finishing the foundation for what I would easily have predicted to become a christening popular-culture institution for the 21st century.)

Which is also what make AEON FLUX so alarming or threatening in the way that entertainment can never be (especially rock and roll) : its afterburn or deja-vu register in the public eye that impolitically allows us the recognition that This Is Where We Live Today (after-a-sanction).

All of this Fantasy/Reality conflict also directly interforms I think with feminist theory (Feminine Mystique; "down with our pedestals," etc.) in a way which is at least pertinent (and again - I plead my case - not "entertaining" [read: quaint silly superfluous sarcastic-see Light Entertainment]).

(Later I be back)

-- dangerboy (, November 30, 2001.

This is almost like new eps as far as having to break it down sentence by sentence. It has the definite flavor of those two worlds seperated by philosphy and a brick wall. You identify with a complex individual and fantasy perhaps is for we the onlookers to this persona, created by men, (of all people)! As far as the feminine mistake, well it's enough to say they all want to be men in that group, (ha, think the Purge and that little matriarchal society) but claim they love being women. They're is a great deal of denial there, I know,I was among them at one time. So yeah, what does the well prepared assassin wear to bed anyway?

-- Barb e. (, December 01, 2001.

I think that most every guy in this world who says what women 'really' want out of The Deal is a penis of their own, any guy who thinks that to be true is sour grapes. It's got to be the other way around: I'm talking about , VENUS ENVY.

It's men who are innately jealous of women. Whether we like it or not, whether we even know it or not, that's where it's at. Our Freudian conceit is so much sour grapes camouflaged, ingeniously and disingenuously as bullshit sanctimonious pity for the 'Second Sex.' While all we get in return for being the '1st' sex is the irony of it that after all any criteria to rate the genders on a Miltonianesque ladder - with the man on top, on top of it! - has got to be analytically bankrupt or the pathetic grumblings of Small Consolation by way of false sense of superiority - and characterized by an arbitrary or irrelatiate - despotic - unaccountability, miserably passing for what we are to 'acknowledge' to be some manifest universal consensus.

Bullshit, Mr. Handman...

Confidence games, whether operant among the realms of language or intrinsic to the mechanics of conceits, are often identified for what they are by their signal resort to the circuitous argument, a species of argument observed elsewhere only among the clinically paranoid or

-- dangerboy (, December 01, 2001.

You know I'm a guy, and I like who I am. Also it does seem that Bregna is mostly ruled by men, one of the things that contrasts the two nation states. All of the in control characters from monica are hot and dangerous women.

-- nadar (, December 02, 2001.

Okay, yeah sure. Even Onan would have to concur. Fantastic.

I mean, there was a specimen !

-- dangerboy (, December 02, 2001.

Trevor made 'looking the other way' an artform. Perhaps that is why they did not repair that wall.

-- Barb e. (, December 03, 2001.

Those who imagine Sybil some sort of innocent bystander, though, miss the point.

Sybil's cruel, pathological, unpleasant design to reinvent herself the Specimen of the species came only to the estrangement of the genuine article - the man in her life. Her man meant no slight toward her in rightfully embodying the Ideal Subject. To be all a man can be in his own duty to the Common Control, the Empirical Trial. But Sybil systematically stripped him of his reason for being, not hers.

The irony of it all, I am sure, will only add to the statistics.

-- dangerboy (, December 03, 2001.

I've been trying to get this for days, can't. Sybil being not one dimensional does not surprise me, but you mean it was 'ok' for her lover, ONAN, (can't resist the caps haha) to run off with the more ideal subject, namely Aeon? Seems a little unfair...

-- Barb e. (, December 05, 2001.

ALL THE BREENS' MEN (Following exerpted 'OID' Magazine; 37.13.31AG.)

They never repaired that wall because there was a hole in it. That the whole affair had to be factory-reordered. no one knew. Or the degree of isolation any may experience directly, is itself therewith determined - the price, that is, therefore and nothing more.

No one really knew what to do - not really. Your thing here's got a hole. All the way though it and suddenly now now you have breach-issues: penetration, exposure, intercontamination, all your controls are exposed and so before you know what you're doing you've aborted all your quarantines you're back to square zero all over again. Just thank your local subbureau that you're living in Bregna and you're not wasting half your life filling out grant proposals for a bunch of self-conscious, rattled liberal patsies who can't get your monies together anyway while being you know politically-cuckolded by their uh warfare-queen, Strangelove-bedfellow Conservative colleagues, who (in turn) think 'infrastructure' must be some sort of reference to nuke-proofing their Strategic Air Command bunkers underground.

It's been some years since sanity was identified a cruel panacea of abstraction.

Indulge me.

(reportage: Vance Daleks. Used by permission.)

-- dangerboy (, December 05, 2001.

Ha ha, the future of the E.P.A. Attempting to control the polluted population and only miles of bureaucratic ink to show for it. Don't you think that intercontamination reachs far into the minds on both sides? Even as high up as say a Chairman and his wall crossed lover? A fate worse than debt she said.

-- Barb e. (, December 06, 2001.

Hey, look barb - I kinda know that one guy, OK but that doesn't mean I agree with his "editorial" views.

As a matter of facr - and speaking as a member of the Press Club - I think Vance is real slick in couching his opinions about eugenics, social engineering, The Phenomenon Of Man (you ask him about de Chardin -- um, I mean, y'know, DON'T, maybe), the social architecture of medicine -- the bitch is so slick with Party Line it is transparent. But yeah, you picked up on his ideological watermark real quick.

And, too? I mean speaking of fantasizing, now this ass hole - the LAST thing he posted on this thread he didn't credit because it was his idea of some sort of joke. That's why I said, "LOOK YOU PENCILNECK PSEUDOSCIENTOLOGIST : we're not that tight just because we're a couple of 4th-Estate agents doesn't mean we're on the same team or even that I have one at all. But if you want to post on that forum, do it yourself." He was laughing his ass off , too.

So he said "Okay, Mars - I'll leave you alone but let me post an answer to the last question on there, how about it- " so I said sure since I figured he wouldn't be back to pay a visit for a while .

See if you don't know the Press Club scene, it's TOUGH and THEY'LL EAT YOU ALIVE it's like- well, anyway I'm not really - look, as far as they're concerned he's more of a Journalist than I am these days, so I'm sorry I let one of my colleagues pull that sort of a stunt and I apologize. But I can't do much about it. Fucker's got some clout here with the State Department or some sort of arrangement and anyway I gotta kiss his ass or I'm out of the Press Club because see I haven't done - yeah, forget it.

It'll never happen again I swear.


-- dangerboy (, December 06, 2001.

Furthermore it occurs to me that since Vance is really just a Policy wonk, apologist, and basically positioning strategist for his precious fking regime (since when, moreover, does that constitute journalism!), this automatically qualifies any of his remarks about some poor shmuck like Sybil - little people, okay? - who get caught in the middle or slip between the cracks all the time.

I always thought of Sybil as a hero, myself, but since when is a pundit for the Breen Machine and champion of "infrastructure" or "social architecture" suddenly about kicking the little person when she's down - just because it's supposedly "politically expedient" to "blame the victim" (Sybil)?? Or especially to make underhanded insinuations about her character, it seems to me. I mean, now I'm glad I let him post his 2nd thing so people who otherwise wouldn't have had any context can consider the source.

-- dangerboy (, December 06, 2001.

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