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you people know who you are.

why the need for more alter-egos on MARP? bad case of schizophrenia? or you weren't satisfied with only having one score up for a game or what? I think I'll go make some fake names and load up the Shock Troopers romsets with more scores, har har har!



-- BBH (, September 25, 2001



Interesting point!

You could use this to your advantage. If for example I had a number 1 position on a game and the person who had 2nd was above me in the leaderboard, I could create another profile and take the 2nd place thus removing points from the player. I could make as many profiles as I wanted to strip points from players.....

How can we resolve this??

mmmmmm, interesting, eh?

Game Guru (I think!) LOL

-- Game Guru (, September 25, 2001.

If folks want to take the time it would require to register multiple accounts and play a game over and over for the sake of stripping someone of a maximum of 85 points on each game, I say let them go for it. People who take the leaderboard that seriously deserve to.


-- Brian McLean (, September 25, 2001.

apart from the fact that swap between different logins can be easiliy "cracked" with the appropriate use of the bookmark feature,i really can't see any useful thing of it other than "damaging" other players.This remains until the "damaged players do one of the following things:
-Improve his record (I want to see the face of the "3-millions-of- inps-in-one-game" if beats all his records:) -delete his(or all) record/s in that game

PS:so,why you make this question ,Matt?
Is your login of "Princess Silver" crying for loneless?

-- Kale (, September 26, 2001.


Kale, what in fuck makes you think I am "Princess Silver"? No really, tell me... this should be amusing....


-- BBH (, September 26, 2001.

A successful of 13.5M recording at 1942 makes 20+ by-product."poor 13M" recordings.
if you want a lot of "junks",your splendid TG record will become ZERO point.
do you want to see the destraction of your kingdom?

-- Hisa-Chan (, September 28, 2001.


OK, then let's see you score 13.5 million on 1942!



-- Game Guru (, September 28, 2001.

Just stop that fucking behaviour you have Hisa, and just SHOW US YOU DAMN URL TO YOUR SITE INSTEAD! Maybe then our kingdom is destroyed or whatever.. who cares.. but as long as you donīt show us anything but mocking, arrogance etc no one will belive anything from the "truth teller" anymore..

Sorry Hisa, but I have lost my respect for you, When you came to Marp you were humble, polite and a DAMN GOOD PLAYER! Right now you are just a damn good player.. Your behaviour is like a fly on a pile of shit.. Do you get the message? I hope you do.

ps there are alot of guys out there that wants to learn strategies, hints etc from you and your site (like myself). Why not act like a normal person and teach us poor guys instead of mock us ?

Enough said.



-- QRS (, September 28, 2001.

Hisa: since I think you were attacking me for my 1942 score, I say this to you:


What the fuck is your problem? You had a 1942 recording up, why did you delete it? If you say you're leaving MARP, why do you persist in hanging around here? To let everyone know that they suck because they can't beat the Japanese records? Well guess what, the Gamest record for being the biggest asshole on MARP is... YOU! Congratulations!

Your game-playing skills are great, but you have lost a lot of respect here from your increasingly bizarre attitude. You'll probably never reveal the URL of your "mystical" site to us, because your superiority complex makes you think all of us suck. This site's intended for fun, for the thrill of good ol' high score competitions. As well as being a great place to see just how scores are achieved. It's NOT a place where if you don't submit 13 million on 1942, you're shunned.

So fuck off and stay at your [no doubt] elitist page. We'll still be here if you ever decide to act "normal" again.

-not an escaper!

-- BBH (, September 28, 2001.

Well, can't really top that, eh???? ;-)

U took the words right out of mouth BBH!


-- Game Guru (, September 29, 2001.

To BBH:Sorry for the lateness,the "Princess Silver suspect" was only an assumption,it's strange that someone come from nothing and submit for a game that was creating a lot of disqualifing things(Magic Sword),and then delete it.Strange enough to suspect something here, still can't understand that there is people here that submit recordings just to penalize other people,not for playing...

-- Kale (, September 29, 2001.

Strange Kale, u have submitted scores for more broken games than anybody...........

Anyway, i'm off to play Wave Race on my Jap GameCube........ :)

The leaderboard can wait!


-- game guru (, September 29, 2001.

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