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I would l to make a SVCD high resolution still images alboms (say 800x600 Pixels, combind them with music or sound, and burn them in a format which i can then play on a DVD, it would be nice to have also a menu so one can select the albom i would like to play. Thanks. What i am doing now is making am Mpeg2 movie, but then i am limtted buy 480x480 pixels

-- (, September 25, 2001


I think has a guide on how to create slideshows on VCD/SVCD, which is what you want to do. SVCD only supports 480x480 NTSC and 480x576 PAL, so you're not going to be able to do 800x600 like you want. Technically, you could probably do it by burning with something like Nero that can turn off compliance checking, but you may find yourself unable to play the disc on any standalone DVD player.

-- Jason (, September 25, 2001.

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