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October 1, 2001 Vol. 158 No. 15


6,333 People reported missing in the World Trade Center rubble as of Sept. 22

2,593 Estimated number of foreign citizens from 65 countries missing or dead

1,968 Total number of people killed in the world's 10 worst terrorist attacks before Sept. 11

7,000 FBI agents and support personnel involved in the investigation into the terrorist attacks--the largest FBI investigation ever

5,131 Air Force National Guard members and reservists called to active duty

$4 billion Estimated benefits the life-insurance industry expects to pay out because of the attacks

$151,635 Federal money given to each family of a police officer, a fire fighter or an EMT who died in the Trade Center collapse

$15,000 Value of the life-insurance policy of a kitchen worker at Windows on the World

44 Age of suspected terrorist ringleader Osama bin Laden

47 Life expectancy of an Afghan citizen

43% Drop in stock value last Monday of UAL Corp., the parent company of United Airlines

11% Rise in value of shares of handgun maker Sturm, Ruger & Co. the same day

3,695,000 Afghan refugees as of Sept. 10, 2001

15,000 Number of Afghans who crossed the border into Pakistan the week after Sept. 11

15,000 Number of copies in the first printing of Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War (Simon & Schuster), released Sept. 11

100,000 Copies ordered for the second printing after the book topped Amazon's best-seller list on Sept. 11

1.2 million Cubic yards of earth and rock excavated to build the World Trade Center

90,937 Tons of debris removed from the World Trade Center site as of Sept. 22, 2001

256 Body parts recovered from the rubble

15 Ladder trucks, fire engines and support vehicles recovered

$25 million Reward for Osama bin Laden's capture

$800 Per capita GDP of Afghanistan

300,000 Pledges made during the first 15 min. of the Tribute to Heroes telethon

16,000 Approximate number of tickets sold in 15 min. for Madonna's first London concert

79,390 Airline workers who were laid off after the terrorist attacks

$15 billion Aid package passed by Congress to bail out the airlines

From AOL news...

-- Martin Thompson (, September 24, 2001


It's the international mix of casualties that is sthe most startling figure here.

-- Uncle Fred (, September 25, 2001.

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