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How do you change the region on a Pioneer DV-C503? It says it's region free but going through the display it says Region 1. I have tried the directions at but nothing.... Any suggestions?

-- deb cooper (, September 24, 2001

Answers has a list of DVD players and firmware available for them. I really doubt that your Pioneer is truly region free, unless maybe you bought it from someone who changed the firmware. You should be aware that the last time I looked, I think all Pioneer DVD players that could be made region free required you to solder some connections to do it rather than just update the firmware as with other players. None of the major manufacturers like Pioneer would dare to sell a region free DVD player in this country. The MPAA flipped out when Apex did it and threatened all kinds of nasty legal action to get them to remove the region free stuff from the players. Of course, these players can have their firmware modified via CD-R/W now and have region free mode restored, so it was a hollow victory for the MPAA.

-- Jason (, September 24, 2001.

I am still looking for an answer in my quest. Can anybody teach me how to convert one region to a multi-region DVD. DV-C503 pioneer isthe model of my player, is it really region free, what else do I need to convert it? Pls. Help me! I'll do anything.

-- rommel gregorio (, January 03, 2002.

I'm looking for the same answer as you. I've found companies who sell the unit already hacked, but no-one seems to sell the mod chip by itself. The biggest problem is that most mod firms are in the UK, and the C-503 isn't available over there, so they don't need the mod.

-- Dave (, January 06, 2002.

Send an email to the guys at

They don't advertise it on their site, but I'm pretty sure they'll mod an DV-C503 existing player.

-- Craig (, March 25, 2002.

No Answer here... but what is the outcome? I currently own a C503, and I can't play any VCD movies... Would region free resolve my issue? I receive a picture, but the movie doesnt play... HELP!

-- Luis Rodriguez (, July 30, 2002.

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