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September 20, 2001 Gun sales on the rise in Oregon after terrorist attacks

- PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Many Oregonians worried about security following the terrorist attacks on the East Coast have been arming themselves.

In the few days after the attacks, Oregon State Police processed twice the usual daily number of background checks, said Lt. Gregg Hastings, an OSP spokesman.

The fall hunting season always brings an increase in gun sales, but retailers said they saw a sudden spike after the Sept. 11 assaults. How much of the increase is linked to hunting season or to terrorism is not clear, Hastings said.

"They both probably are having an impact," he said. Some gun retailers said the jump in sales lasted only a few days after the attacks, but others said brisk sales continue for all kinds of firearms, including handguns, rifles and shotguns.

"We've had a tendency to be lackadaisical in past years and take it for granted that we're safe in our homes," said Keith Ward, owner of Keith's Sporting Goods in Gresham. "This kind of brought it home that that's not true."

Shayne Sibert, manager of the Gun Broker in Tigard, said business has increased 50 percent since the attacks.

"It's like Y2K all over again," he said.

Shotguns for home defense have been especially popular, Sibert said, but buyers don't necessarily think terrorists are going to invade their houses. The events have just heightened customers' awareness of self-protection, he said.

Don Munster, owner of Fairly Honest Don's Machine Gun Parlor in Hillsboro, said he was selling more ammunition and more guns.

"There's been an increase, but it hasn't been like a land rush," he said.

-- Martin Thompson (, September 24, 2001

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