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The American Flag has risen from half staff. The President has asked America to go back to the jobs and routines that have been shattered.How are we moving along in our communities? Many have been shocked into returning to the Church during this crises. How do you see our Church moving through this episode of American History? Are we being effective to our communities? Are we reaching across traditional lines? Feedback anyone?

God Bless You Today!!

-- Anonymous, September 24, 2001


Some churches in our community were already reaching out to each other, across denominational lines, prior to 9/11/01. Even during this tragic time, prayerfully, we can be strenghtened in our faith to God. We have much work to do. Let us pray that our spiritual leaders will not preach and teach that God is punishing America, but that the evil one is at work, and God is calling for an army of His faithful. Let us also pray for divine wisdom for our world leaders, as they plan to eradicate terrorism. Remembering that God expects us to defend that which is right in His eyes. If He did not intend for us to defend ourselves, He would not have provided the resources. Let us pray for the families of the heroes, whose physical lives were lost. Let us pray for our heroes who have answered the call to military duty, putting themselves at risk for our safety.

Most of all, let us pray for increased faith in God and......peace in the world.

-- Anonymous, September 24, 2001

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