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Haven't been on here for a while. I have an idea involving each team building their own automatic? bowling pinsetter. Normally,two pinsetters are paired to a single ball return. To assist in building these pinseters,have someone throw in a handful of parts from the equipment they service that are premanufactured by Brunswick&/or AMF.AMF was the first to manufacture automatic bowling pinsetters in the 1940's.The first ones they made in that decade were 9 feet in height. Brunswick now manufactures pinsetters using a vertical belt type pin elevator to carry fallen pins to the pin table.AMF & older Brunswick pinsetters use either a centerless or solid pin elevator wheel. I have an abandoned bowling alley nearest where I live& all the pinsetters & ball returns plus loads of bowling pins & balls are still there.

-- MATHEW H.E. BAILEY (, September 24, 2001


What kind of pinsetters and where is the location. Possibly looking for some AMF pinsetters.


-- John Lizzi (, December 10, 2003.

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