What famous soprano sang at Lotta's Fountain?

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What famous operatic soprano gave a recital (?) at Lotta's Fountain around 1910 and how large was her audience.

-- Jill Love (jloveopera@home.com), September 23, 2001


Luisa Tetrazzini!


-- Rosa Debonneheure (rosadebon@yahoo.com), September 24, 2001.

See also "Tales of San Francisco" by Samuel Dickson, Stanford University Press ISBN 0-8047-2097-5, which gives a description of this event.

-- Bob Verbrugge (bob_verbrugge@compuserve.com), September 27, 2001.

This site says you can listen to two of the arias she sang by clicking their link:


-- Rosa (rosadebon@yahoo.com), August 02, 2002.

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