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Hi, I'm planning to get a 28-80 Nikon lens. Checked out the price to be $500-$600 plus for a 2nd-hand. Is it worth it? Should I get a 1st hand instead or an 28-80 AF? I own a FM2 by the way. Pls enlighten me... thanx!

-- Cheryl Fan (, September 23, 2001


Erm.... correction. i think it's a 28-85mm manual..... forgot.

-- Cheryl Fan (, September 23, 2001.

Hi! I am presently looking at the Nikkor AF 28-85/f3.5~f4.5 for my F4. I also own many other MF Nikon (FM, FM2, FE2, etc.) and think that this lens could be use for both MF & AF body. The used price in Singapore is about S$350+. I also find that there is a New AF Nikkor 28~105 and it has very good reveiw... new price is S$500+. FYI the 28-85 is a older lens without "D" chip in it and no more on production. If you are going for AF & MF like me, a AF lens would be better and should go for the 2nd version, i.e. with a "N". It has a bigger focusing ring for MF. My suggestion is if you are going for new lens why not look at 28- 105mm ($500+) and if you are going for used, 28-85 ($350) is not that bad. This has to depend your budget. If you need to use big f-stop, Tokina 28-80mm/f2.8 Pro-ATX is a good lens to consider. Please feel free to contact me direct if you need more info. Cheers, lieu

-- lieu wl (, October 06, 2001.

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