why the veil?

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What's the deal with veil? Why do Muslim women ware these?

-- Justo Perez (jujumon@earthlink.net), September 23, 2001


That's a long story. You'd have to study the Muslim religion to get at the origins of that nonsense.

-- Chance (fruitloops@hotmail.com), September 23, 2001.

It is not a long story, if you simply look at what the Koran says:

1 -- Woman and Men are to dress modestly 2 -- Woman are to cover themselves from the outside world, outside of their family. 3 -- Some muslim "sects" take that to include the face, others just the body from ankles to head.

Here, have some fun and take look at some of the web sites that deal with this.


-- Jackson Brown (Jackson_Brown@deja.com), September 23, 2001.

What's the deal with veil? Why do Muslim women ware these?

For the same reason that they shave ALL Pubic Hair [from the Navel to the Knee, front AND back], whether they are married or not.

Like so much in Religious traditions, there are "Oral" "Sayings" which serve to moderate, and in some cases extend, the reach of written texts. With regard to Pubic Hair, it is traced to a "Saying of Mohammed" to the effect that FIVE things separate Humans from animals...Circumcision and removal of Pubic Hair by both Sexes are among them. It is NOT in the Q'ran. BTW, the Female Circumcision referred to by Mohammed has NOTHING to do with what the modern practice is. In the Days of the Prophet it consisted of making an incision in the Hood of the Clitoris to enhance a woman's sexual arousal and pleasure, contrary to the current barbarous practice of cutting off the clitoris. Likewise, the Veil is NOT in the Q'uran. What IS is the Book seems to revolve around covering a woman's hair with proper modesty. Interestingly, neither the Veil nor the Female head covering is practiced in the largest Muslim country...Indonesia. Hope that helps.

-- Lael (Lael@sendthemtoallah.net), September 23, 2001.

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