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Iraqi Massing Troops Along The Line Of Contact With Kurdistan

Posted Wednesday September 19, 2001 - 10:52:03 AM EDT

Sulemani - There are unconfirmed reports from Kurdistan that the Iraqi regime started mobilizing its troops on the line of contact with the liberated areas in Kurdistan, in Garmian (Kirkuk region), preparing for a possible movement towards the region.

Passengers coming from these areas have reported that Iraqi infantry troops backed up by armoured vehicles, tanks and artillery units are massing around Kifri town.

Political analysts believe that this recent redeployments by the Iraqi army divisions on the borders with Kurdistan is a step towards a possible attacks. The Iraq tries its chance and examines the reaction of the US administration's commitments in protecting the liberated areas in Kurdistan. Iraq realises that the US administration is coping with the disaster and preparing for war against the terrorist organizations behind the terrorist attacks of Washington and New York.

These movements by Iraqi troops along border with Kurdistan has increased tension in the region and the Kurdistan peshmarga forces are under alert in preparation for any possible Iraqi attack.

-- Martin Thompson (, September 22, 2001

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