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I have a standard 8 camcorder tape that i can playback on a sony digital 8 camcorder. I think that with the i link connection, the output is digital. What do I need and how do I make a mpeg1 file from this tape? Sorry if this is basic but am a newbie. Thanks, Mike

-- mike chin (, September 21, 2001


The output is digital, that's true. Now you need a fast PC with a big HDD and FireWire in it. Basically you transfer your tape contents so that they become DV AVI files on your HDD, which you can edit, encode to VCD-compliant MPEG-1,and ultimately author a VCD with. Failing this you can get one of those CD-based video recorders that have a FireWire input and can create a VCD on the fly. But they are expensive ($3000), you can't have menus, and video quality is so-so.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, September 22, 2001.

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