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I am using an hauppauge pci-card to record satellite audio and video, which works fine with tv-programmes. Unfortunately it is not possible to record radio-programmes in mp3. So how can I convert an mpeg2-audio-only-file into mp3?

-- markus waibel (, September 21, 2001


First convert the mp2 to wav and then convert the wav to mp3. Awave Studio 7.3 should do the trick for converting the mp2 back to wav format. Here are a couple links:

Here is the shareware link:,10152,0-1896426-110- 5976647,00.html?gid=15302&tag=st.dl.1896426-100-5976647- 5976647.dln.1896426-110-5976647

Here is the crack for it:

-- CaliGod (, September 21, 2001.

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