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I need clear matte focusing screens for canon T90 (type C)and F1New (type PK and SK)for my FD 500 4.5L and 800 5.6L. Does anybody have an address or equivalent. I need it for phtographing Birds etc.


-- Jens Søren Michelsen Krag (, September 21, 2001


You might have to monitor to get those. Smile Photo in NY is still listing new PJ's, but none of the K's. You could always look in on, but I believe eBay is your best bet -- that's where I got mine.

-- Brubo (, September 21, 2001.

Soren, the T90 screens are hard to find, although there were actually three C screens on eBay simultaneously a few weeks ago. They turn up occasionally. There are usually quite a few F1 screens listed there, but I don't keep up with them, so I can't offer you any information on the types available. has a couple of F1 screens at the moment, but they seldom have many screens at all. I've seen only one T90 screen there in the last year.

Good luck!

-- Alan Swartz (, September 22, 2001.

Try giving York Cameras a call in London on +44 20 72 42 71 82. they have lots of interesting stuff.

-- KC (, October 12, 2001.

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