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Does anyone know of a cheap fix for AE-1 shutter squeal? Is there a do-it-yourself fix?


-- Billy Moore (, September 21, 2001


Billy, I've heard of a cheap fix but it makes my skin crawl! After 25 years your AE-1 is overdue for a Clean, Lube & Adjustment commonly called CLA. Your friendly local repair shop will partially disassemble your camera, clean out the old, congealed grease and oil and relubricate the mechanism including the governor assembly that is causing your squeak, squeal, wheeze. This should include a check of shutter speeds and adjustment as required. $75 to $125 depending on the shop. Worth it if you are serious about your photos.


-- Bill Salati (, September 22, 2001.

Billy, I hardily recommend you contact Karl Aimo, at He performed a clean, lube, adjust, and replaced the light seals on an EA-1P for me not long ago for $55.00. He is a retired Canon service tech, and specializes in A series cameras.


-- Tom Kessler (, September 23, 2001.

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