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Hi, I was wantign to convert my existing ACD player to play VCDs. From what i know , there are chips availbale that allow this conversion to happen. I need more information about this. Can someone help me? Regards, Alap Ghosh Bombay, India

-- Alap Ghosh (, September 21, 2001


I don't think it's possible. Even if you could do the conversion, you would have to put video circuitry in your CD player to send the video signal out. It would cost a lot more to do the conversion, if you could do it at all, than to just buy a VCD player.

-- Jason (, September 24, 2001.

Yes, it is possible. Here in India many small-time TV-VCR mechanics do it by simply putting an additional kit inside the CDDA player. The cost of this kit varies from Rs. 800/- to 1600/- (less than 40 $) Basically the kit is nothing but an MPEG decoder with ESS sound chipset and a pri-amplifier. I personally do not recommend this. The additional circuitery puts more burden on the existing power-supply and can cause damage. Also you do not get the 'PBC function' which allows you to jump directly to any desired videotrack... which means that you have to watch the entire VCD from beginning. Another risk .... After the conversion though you can play a VCD, some Audio CD's start behaving erratically (skipping of track etc.) which otherwise used to play fine before the conversion. If your ACD player is a good one like Sony / Kenwood then you better not fiddle with it.

-- Chetan Umarje (, September 25, 2001.

Hi, after extensive research and a lot of debating about this, I agree with Chetan. A lot of the additional functions that regular VCD players provide, miss out when an ACD player is converted. Also, systems of good make (I have a Kenwood) are better left untouched. Thanks Chetan, and those who have searched and come to this page, it is advisable not to convert. VCD players are now real cheap, so buy one. :)

-- Alap Ghosh (, May 05, 2003.

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