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Hi there guys, do anybody can kindly give me some advises on wide angle bellow vs universal bellow for Ebony 45SU if range of lenses to be used are between 55mm to 210mm? Thanks in advance.

-- NG Sai Kit (, September 20, 2001


I believe the universal bellows would be quite suitable for the range 55-210mm. Because of the way they are designed they remain flexible even for quite wide angle lenses. If you're going wider than 55, then perhaps the bag bellows would be better.

Kind regards

Peter Brown

-- Peter L Brown (, September 22, 2001.

Hello. I has been using an Ebony 45SU with a 110mm and a 180mm lens. For a short trial-run, I also used a 210mm lens with this camera. All these lenses work well with the universal bellows. As already noted, the bellows folds in a way that gives you quite a bit of flexibility when the lens and back standards are close to each other. That said, a 55mm lens would be somewhat tight when set at infinity. (I have not tried using a very short lens with this camera, so I basing my opinion on how the camera operates with longer lenses. You should look at Ebony's website; all the information on that site seems accurate to me, without any overstating of capabilites.) I assume you are considering a Rodenstock 55mm Apo-Gradagon. With an image circle of 163mm to work within, you cannot use very much movement with this lens (set at infinity) anyway before you start vignetting. In summary, I think your proposed lens range is in line with the capabilities of the 45SU with the universal bellows.

-- Michael Alpert (, September 22, 2001.

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