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I am hoping that you can help me PLEASE. My question is this. In 1937 in San Francisco , Bradley's 5 & 10 Bar opened at 1633 Filmore St.,& also at 80 Turk St. thru 1944.. In 1939 to 1943 it was only at 80 Turk St. In 1947 it was at 115 Mason St. thru 1949. In 1949 to 1951 it was at 115 Mason St. plus also at 900 Cole St. It became Bradley's Corner at 900 Cole St. until it closed about 1985.. Next- in 1940 in San Diego, Bradley's 5 & 10 of Southern California opened at 303 & 307 Plaza... Also next- in 1939 in Hollywood, Bradley's Five & Ten of L.A. Inc. opened at 6651 Hollywood Blvd.,,at 8513 S. Vermont Ave.,, and 4710 Whittier Blvd. My question is are these locations all the business and concern of one person or entity and why. I am hoping and praying that you will be able to help me find a answer to this query.I do beleive that they were all connected to one person who loved his Cocktail lounges in these Three citys.. Thank You very much .

-- carl sajben (, September 20, 2001

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